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Emilia and Jonas Kuehne, MD, stand as the visionary minds behind Cryohealthcare, a groundbreaking venture that originated in their home in 2009. Their journey commenced in Berlin, Germany, where they discovered the transformative benefits of Cryotherapy.


Fueled by their fervor for well-being, they brought this innovative concept to the United States, establishing themselves as pioneers of Whole Body Cryotherapy in the country.

As the inaugural enterprise to introduce this cutting-edge therapy in the US, Emilia and Jonas have introduced numerous individuals to the wonders of Cryotherapy.
The resounding success of their first year operating from home propelled them to expand, leading to the establishment of a larger, state-of-the-art facility on La Cienega Blvd in West Hollywood.
Guided by a mission to enhance lives through non-pharmaceutical, preventive healthcare, Cryohealthcare places a strong emphasis on preventive health.
Their commitment is centered on improving the well-being of their clients, encouraging them to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
Embark on a freezing journey towards wellness with the whole Cryohealthcare team.
Experience the transformative power of Cryotherapy and step into a world where health meets innovation.

Jonas Kuehne MD

Co-Founder & Medical Director 

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Emilia Kuehne

Co-Founder & CEO

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Betsy Sanchez

Los Angeles Manager

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Derri Velarde

Los Angeles Manager

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Jennifer Managna

Marina Del Rey Manager

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Cherrilyn Heard

Woodland Hills Manager

What Clients Are Saying...

Cryohealthcare is committed to providing expertise combined with the latest developments in cryogenics to help our clients exceed their goals in health, peak athletic performance, and beauty.


Unlike traditional Cryosaunas, which we also feature and distribute, the Cryohealthcare Cryochambers are walk-in chambers that use an indirect method of cooling normal room air to cryogenic temperatures of -220 degrees Fahrenheit. Our Cryochambers do not expose our clients to direct contact with gaseous nitrogen. 


We offer the best possible service and expertise combined with the latest development in cryogenics to help our clients exceed their goals in health, sport performance and beauty.

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