Cryotherapy reduces inflammation and you come out feeling fantastic. I do it all the time and I highly recommend it. For the record, this isn’t a sponsor and I have zero financial stake in the company (Cryohealthcare). I just enjoy its benefits and a lot of people I’ve turned on to it as well

Joe Rogan

Simply the best in every way!  This is one of my favorite places.  The staff are all extremely nice and unpretentious.  Their proprietary liquid nitro Cryo chamber is the hands down best cryo experience.  I have not felt colder and have been to many many other Cryotherapy places across the country.  If I lived in the area, I would become a monthly member without a doubt.  I also enjoyed the folic acid shot and my wife loved the Cryofacial.

Matthew C

Cryotherapy, the answer to better health, well- being, anti- aging, the end of aches and pains. I’ve been doing full body cryo for, almost, 17 months, daily. Weekly facials, Dr. Kuehne’s magic face cream, weekly injections of B- 12, B- complex, Folic acid and lipo- B, as well as Glutathione shots. People have asked me what I’m doing differently. I was asked if I’d had a facelift (no plastic surgery). It’s the fountain of youth in a box. If you don’t believe me, try it for a month. I’m a real client, and have not been paid to advertise. I tell everyone I meet about Cryo. I refuse to leave LA because you cant find this anywhere else except for their LA and Woodland hills location.


I’m a real person, with a busy life, a career, a husband and six kids. Make time for this. It will change your life. I feel almost 20 years younger!!!

Lisa Kessler

Not only do they have their proprietary air-lock cryofreeze chambers (which gets you WAY colder than the heads-up ones, but you can select any music you want to pipe into your "room" (to distract you from the cold), AND their ATTENTION TO DETAIL goes beyond clean socks, gloves, ear covers but ALL THE WAY to the fact that they turn your robe right-side out and easy to put on for when you exit.  Believe me, the gloves will inevitably turn our robe around and after 3min at -256degrees, you will be grateful someone did.  Did I mention how nice the staff is?????  AND free parking in the back.

Barndi K.

These guys are the real deal! But not only that, but their treatments as well! I am really impressed how professional they truly are! Keep it up you guys!

Ground C.

I can't believe it! My back has been sore for three weeks.  After a double session... Pain is GONE!  It was a little stiff the next morning, but nothing like it was before.  I'm going back.  I HIGHLY recommend it.

Luis D.

I am obsessed w Cryo. A friend brought me here 2 months ago and it's literally changed my life. I suggest going at least 3 or 4 times a week to notice a big difference. I no longer have back pain or migraines. It's wonderful.

Melis K.

I am so grateful to CryoHealthcare.  I sustained a foot injury, and I my doctor told me that I had to take six months off of exercise and absolutely no high heels.  BUMMER!

Within two weeks of getting local treatments at CryoHealthcare, I was back to spinning every day and wearing my signature footwear!  I was thrilled. Not SIX MONTHS, but TWO WEEKS.  Amazing!  In addition, as a result of doing the full body freezing and the vitamin B shots, I have also lost 5lbs.  BONUS!  


When you add the kind, professional, and sincerely caring attitude of everyone who works at CryoHealthcare, you have a dream come true.


CryoHealthcare hits a home run.  Every time.  I am a fan for life.  Feel lucky to have found them!

Vanessa M.

I may not have a million dollars or a million Instagram followers, that get me straight to offer or straight to screen test, but Cryohealthcare treats me like a king helping me get in a more youthful and healthy state, as I pursue my dreams, and leap every hurdle.

Hunter G

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