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Unlock the Healing Potential Within You

At Cryohealthcare, we believe in harnessing the power of cutting-edge medical advancements to optimize your health and well-being. Introducing Umbilical Stem Cell Therapy, a revolutionary approach to regenerative medicine administered by our preventive health physician Jonas Kuehne MD.

What is Umbilical Stem Cell Therapy?

Umbilical Stem Cell Therapy utilizes the incredible potential of stem cells derived from umbilical cord tissue. These cells possess remarkable regenerative capabilities, aiding in tissue repair, reducing inflammation, and promoting overall healing within the body. This therapy represents a beacon of hope for individuals seeking non-invasive and natural solutions to various health concerns.

Benefits of Umbilical Stem Cell Therapy:

  1. Regenerative Healing: Stimulate your body's natural healing processes to address a myriad of health issues.

  2. Pain Management: Alleviate chronic pain and discomfort caused by conditions such as arthritis, joint degeneration, and injuries.

  3. Enhanced Recovery: Accelerate recovery times from injuries, surgeries, and intense physical activities.

  4. Improved Mobility: Restore mobility and flexibility, allowing you to reclaim an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

  5. Anti-inflammatory Effects: Reduce inflammation throughout the body, mitigating the risk of numerous chronic diseases.

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Can we use Stem Cells to reverse aging?

We lose approximately 80% of our stem cells by the age of 18. Scientists believe that this is one of the primary factors in aging.

The medical community is now wondering how utilizing human cell and tissue products, like stem cells, can be used to rejuvenate and optimize our bodies to promote recovery and that youthful feeling.

The information provided here is for educational purposes only. We are not endorsed by any third parties referenced in this material. Stem cells and HCT/P allografts are not FDA approved. We do not claim that stem cells or HCT/P allografts treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.

HCT/P allografts are FDA compliant and comply with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) regulations contained in Title 21 Part 1271 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Section 361 of the Public Health Service Act and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).

  • Is The Cryo T Shock Safe?
    The device is very safe. In terms of programming and electronics, it is managed by a computerized Windows system. The cooling system is controlled by an electronic temperature sensor located in the processing head of the device and the temperature is controlled in real time by the machine and figures displayed on the screen. Pagani created the Cryo T-Shock eight years ago and has sold hundreds of units throughout Europe and the US.
  • How Does It Work?
    The body contouring treatments last for roughly 30 minutes and are done manually employing a massage technique. The session begins with 2 minutes of heat and then a prolonged period of cold (22-26 minutes) and then back to heat for another 2-3 minutes. The purpose of the treatment is to lower the temperature of the fat cells enough to cause what is known as the phenomenon of apoptosis. This phenomenon is triggered when the temperature of the fat tissue is between 12 and 17 C which causes these cells to die. The cells are then naturally passed through the body’s lymphatic system and excreted through sweat and urine.
  • What Are The Benefits?
    Clinical studies have shown that this technology naturally destroys fat cells, but as with most techniques, the results vary from one individual to another. The expected effect isusually rapid: part of the fat cells are destroyed during the session while most will be eliminated within 2 to 3 weeks. It has also been proven to help with micro circulation and a significant increase in collagen due to the thermal shock that is caused by the hot and cold.
  • How Does It Feel?
    The treatment is painless, with some clients describing it as rather pleasant. This is due to the massage technique and the session beginning with skin warming descending into the gradual decrease of temperature.
  • What are the Contraindications?
    Anyone with the conditions below should not do this treatment: - Kidney disease or dialysis - Pregnant women - Severe diabetes - Undergoing chemotherapy - Inflamed, infected, or swollen areas of skin
  • Frequency of Treatments?
    Fat freezing treatments can be performed once every 15 days and lifting and facial treatments can be performed every 7 days. There is a physiological reason for this: when apoptosis occurs and some fat cells die, waste is formed. This will be eliminated by natural routes (blood, lymphatic system and urine). Metabolism must therefore be allowed to evacuate this waste without overloading the system.
  • What Should I Do Following A Treatment?
    A vigorous workout, massage, cryotherapy or compression session will accelerate the benefits.
  • What’s The Difference Between The Cryo T Shock and Other Body Contouring Treatments?
    There are other manual cryotherapy machines. But tests and experience have shown that no other machine is currently capable of such dramatic results as the Cryo T-Shock. These results are due to the fact that the device produces both heat and cold. The exchange within these temperatures has a dramatic effect on the body’s tissues causing them to drop to 12 °. When fat tissues reach this temperature they die and are passed through the lymphatic system. The natural destruction of fat cells will cause cell waste. This waste is passed through the body naturally, first through the blood then the lymphatic system andthensweatandurine. This process on average takes 2-3 weeks.
  • Maximum Number of Areas That Can Be Treated Simultaneously?
    Two. Consisting of one large and one small. Again, to not overload the body’s pathways. There is also strong internal cooling of the tissues and the treating of more zones at the same time could cause in extreme cases hypothermia and fatigue. Arms and Legs Arms and Stomach or Love Handles
  • Possible Side Effects?
    There are generally no side effects apart from the amount you urinate will increase slightly over the 3 days following the treatment along with the appearance of your urine in color. Any localized redness will disappeared after a few hours. In rare cases when localized pain may occur but will dissipate within 2-3 hours. Itching may occur however this is generally due to the reaction of certain cosmetic products used by clients.
  • Who Should Consider This Treatment?
    Anyone who is looking to lose weight, reduce cellulite, tighten saggy skin or treat stubborn areas of fat they are looking to remove.
  • How Long Do The Results Last?
    Depending on the individual and depending also on their lifestyle and diet, the results last several months or several years. For Cedllulite and Skin Tightening an ongoing monthly maintance schedule is recommended.
  • How Quickly Will I See Results?
    The first results are generally visible within a week following the first session. However, it should be noted that the best results appear from 15 days to 3 weeks after the start of treatment and extend for several months after the end of treatment

Tony Robbins

I tore my rotator cuff and had severe spinal stenosis, they told me one good hit and I wouldnt be able to walk again...I looked into stem cells and tried it, my shoulder was better within a week and no recovery. It is extraordinary how beneficial these stem cells can be in  literally regrowing tendons. It cures issues in a matter of days versus taking months or years. “
Robbins had written a novel called “Life Force”, dedicated to enlightening his audience on how stem cells can cure disease and improve quality of life.  
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