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Lose The Unwanted Pounds

Get A Free Lipo-B Injection And
$60 Off Medical Exam With Our Program
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A Program That Finally Works!

📊 Research has shown that besides feeling and looking better, losing body fat significantly decreases your risk of heart disease and infections.

🚫 Calorie restriction yo-yo diets do not work! 

📍The goal is to achieve the desired weight loss in a healthy and comfortable way, and to keep your results over time.  

📋 Our program is not a short-term diet, but a healthier lifestyle that will give you more energy and achieve your goal weight. 

💪Weight loss can result in lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar, and lower cholesterol levels, better moods and energy, improved mobility and decreased pain, more confidence and self esteem.

Get a complimentary Lipo-B injection and $60 off your initial consultation

We have helped many patients achieve their goals! Now we're ready to help you!

Claim a FREE Lipo-B Injection today and receive  your initial exam for only $120 instead go $180 to develop a custom plan to meet your weight loss goals!

The Results


Virtual Appointments Available 
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Marina Del Rey

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Los Angeles, CA 90048

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Reset Your Body
with our
Weight Loss Program.

✔️Improve cardiovascular health
✔️improve insulin resistance
Decrease food cravings
✔️Eat whole food ingredients
✔️ Supervised by Medical Professionals


🏷 Program Price: $70 - $90/per week + one time consultation fee with our MD ($60 off for a limited time!)
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I want to receive a FREE Lipo-B Injection and get $60 off the initial weight loss consultation!
$100 savings!

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